Millions of Brazilians
Millions of Brazilians have turned a lot of ears and gained an impressively steady following for a band that has been around for only a couple of years. Add keyboard sounding bass, machine-gun drum beats, nervy vocal stylings and reverb-laden lead guitar and you get dance-rock that is mischievously sexual but earnest and even glib. They play with the swagger of libertines, but tempered by the blue-collar guts and honesty that Detroit is known for.

Millions of Brazilians have already shared the stage with an impressive array of national and international bands, including Foals, Ruby Suns, Long Blondes, Your Vegas, Calexico, Broken Social Scene, French Kicks, Gay Blades, and many others.

"Half Horse/Half Horse", the 7 song EP, was released by the band in February 2009 and is available on vinyl, iTunes, Amazon, and emusic. "Half Horse/Half Horse" was recorded at Carl Craigs Studio and Rust Belt Studios by Eric Hoegemeyer (Gold Cash Gold, Electric Six, The Go), Daniel Johnson (Judah Johnson, The Clapp, A Place to Bury Strangers) and Collin Dupuis (Snoop Dog, Matthew Dear, White Stripes).


<a href="">Proper Currency by Millions of Brazilians</a>

<a href="">Sex by Millions of Brazilians</a>


"Tucked into their set they keep 4 or 5 worthy A-side singles and when they bring them out it's so much better than what most people are doing that it absolutely floors me. Vermont is still the best new song I've heard locally this year, and I truly believe this band is going to do some great things coming up." -

"While the band is known for its hard-edged, driving approach, there are also plenty of melodic moments in its songs. Crowd favorite "Vermont" has guitars that stutter, grind and buzz like Franz Ferdinand meets Fugazi, with Cicchetti's beautifully sung vocal providing a pleasant contrast." - Detroit Free Press

"I vote yes. Yes to Millions of Brazilians and the furtherance of sexy sludgy rock'n'roll as a national pastime. Yes to any band that updates its love of Dinosaur Jr., Jesus Lizard and Urge Overkill by damaging its sound with youth-approved irony, deafening disco beats and effects-pedal voodoo. Like Death From Above 1979 with less slack, more attack." -

"Their songwriting may not be confined to emphasize speed, the fact is that local trio Millions of Brazilians thrive on propulsion; a shunting, guitar-buzz-saw drive, barrel rolling with numerous pedals and feedback over dance-ready piston percussion. Locked and steady percussions lend to a kinetic force facilitating roller-coaster hooks from dueling guitarists." - Real Detroit

"Like everything else MoB has done so far, 'Armenia' is immediately dancy, but this song is different from their others in that it builds a soundscape that covers all of the rhythmic underpinnings like a buzzing, humming electric blanket, and somehow the rhythm is still able to breathe, and vibrantly so. Millions of Brazilians have shown lots of promise and have put on some great shows this year, but this track–and the EP to come–reveal a band capable of creating impressive music in the studio that could take more than just Detroit by storm." -

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